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Sep 22, 2011 8:00pm EDT
testimony. >> you're welcome, sir. >> the co-chair now recognizes congressman upton of michigan. >> thank you for not only being with here today, but with us for a number of days and days ahead answering questions so i appreciate that flexibility. we know that the u.s. corporate tax rate is the second highest that there is. as we look back at the size of the top 20 companies in the world, 50 years ago, 17 of them were u.s.-based. in 1985, 13 of the top 20 companies were in the u.s., and today, it's about six. the companies that i talked to particularly in michigan and before this committee here in energy and commerce, one of the things that they talk quite about is certainty in the tax code. there's a lot of -- and has been discussion on working with chairman camp and baucus as well to hear their comments from the many hearings that they've had, but the research and development tax credit which stops and starts and stops and starts is a real frustration. accelerated deappreciation has been a bipartisan idea for a long time to encourage investment here in this country and export products o
Sep 8, 2011 8:00pm EDT
and to the university of michigan and here's this guy who, in my mind, should've been tried as an enemy or military tribunal and it makes me mad. i know you're a vietnam veteran. i'm pretty sure when you're in vietnam looking at the enemy come you didn't think about giving them the miranda rights or what have you been letting them go through the federal court system. we are facing a different kind of enemy. every time i look at the poster on the back, showing the twin towers, i think about these cockroaches, these murderers commit these terrorist after us now. that particular day, back i saw the battlefield in an asymmetrical term and battlefield in his mind that davis unseat 198 and the northwest flight. i think it's outrageous that this administration does not treat these terrorists as enemy combatants. that is what they are. we need to have a clear view of the animal rear facing for going for going to be successful in securing borders and securing our homeland. i'd like to ask a question. i'm going to pick up on the visa issue that both the secretary and mr. dodaro mentioned as well. i am the ch
Sep 28, 2011 8:00pm EDT
: fript michigan, good morning. caller: good morning. i'm taking that book from a different perspective, "that used to be us." and we used to be our unto the lord, god, jesus, but now we've gotten away from that. you're talking about china. china is on top for a little bit. but we'll get back to christ and god. we're not going to -- because god made -- and he tears them down. so the point of "that used to be us," we used to be a godly nation. we've gotten away from that. so bank on that. guest: well, we don't really say too much about religious faith. in fact we don't say anything about it in this book, and religious faith is an important thing and important in the united states. but i would mention one old saying in which most americans are familiar, which i think is relevant to the theme of this book and relevant to american renewel and that is god helps those who help themselves. host: the united nations meets again tie discuss the bid by palace for statehood. we're going to have live coverage of that starting at :30 a.m. eastern time in about 20 minutes. tom, i wanted to get your th
Sep 29, 2011 8:00pm EDT
ones and we must put these regulations on the post office. host: michael is a republican in michigan. caller: good morning. i am also a disabled veteran. that makes us brothers. guest: very good brothers. caller: we used to get our medication delivered by ups or fedex, as you know. we now get it through the post office. although it is probably a lot cheaper, you guys are not getting it done. i get medication -- they dish it out to 30 days at a time. you do not get it until the 30 a day or possibly the 31st day. when it does not show, is a problem. call the post office, they don't answer the phone. and when you to answer the phone, to get an attitude. guest: i sincerely apologize. i get my medication, of them per month, 90 day-spurts. the minute i get them this month i call nine days in advance. i have never missed one. we do recognize that there is a staffing problem on the lines, but you cannot drain the money off that goes for service and then say why is service not there? i think the postmaster general is trying his best right now to try to improve the communications and we want t
Sep 14, 2011 8:00pm EDT
to the university of michigan, the consumer sentiment survey 72% of respondents believe that now is a good time to buy a home. furthermore in the recent survey by our firm in 1500 renter's conducted in five markets showed that 67% of the surveys want to become homeowners of the next five years. with 82% of the renters in the key 25 to 34 age group expressing the desire to buy the home. so people want to purchase a home and think now was a good time to do so why aren't they doing it? the answer i believe is twofold. first, the conditions of the consumer balance sheets which are still laden with high levels of debt and negative equity. indicative of these challenges consumers are the renter surveys show just one-third of respondents were able to come up with 3.5% down payment necessary to purchase a median home using the financing. the second issue is the uncertainty which i believe is a nationwide problem negatively impacting the home sales and prices giving volatility created by the prior tax credits, fear of job loss and mixed messages sent by the government are not future housing policy. howe
Aug 31, 2011 8:00pm EDT
by the way. at the university of michigan to give people people not problems, one set of groups 10 minutes to solve problems face-to-face and they did very well solving problems. give another set of groups 30 minutes to solve, but they had to communicate by e-mail and those groups could not solve the problems. beware of teleconferencing. face-to-face is just a lot better. some people have the ability to read those things and some don't. the fifth trade i would list is called propriety. the ability to set up scaffolds to control some of your impulses are the most famous experiment in this field, which many of you know is called the marshmallow experiment, done by a kind and walter michelle. michelle took four euros, put them in a room, put marshmallows at a table in front of them. said if you've now, only from a comeback in 10 minutes. if you have any in the marshmallow, i'll give you two. he showed me videos of the kids not getting the marshmallow. there's a little girl baby in her head on the table. one day michelle used an oreo cookie. the guy picks up the oreo, carefully thought the met
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6